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When can I talk to the Judge?
You can only talk to the Judge in open court.  You may call to get set up for court.
How do I get set up on a payment plan?
You must come in during business hours and speak to the court clerk or submit a letter requesting a payment plan.
There is a one time payment fee of $25.00, that is a state fee.
Can I take Driving Safety Course?
You must submit a request for a Driving Safety Course by  mail or in person.
In order to take Defensive Driving you:
  • Must have a valid Texas Driver’s License
  • Must not have taken Defensive Driving within the last 12 months
  • Must have a class C Drivers License only (No CDL)
  • You must come in and pay $107.10 state fee by your appearance date.
  • (School Zone = $132.10 state fee) 
  • If you were going more than 24 miles over the speed limit you are NOT eligible for Defensive Driving.


How do I get Deferred Disposition?

  • You must be 25 yrs old or older with a Class C driver’s license.  NO CDL
  • You must come in and see the Judge during court to ask for that.
    As long as you do not get another ticket within the city limits of Falfurrias for 90 days then it will not go on your record. 
Please note that not all offenses qualify for this option.

What if I miss my court date?
If you miss your court date, a Failure To Appear will be issued.  A warrant will be issued  and your license will be placed on hold with DPS.
Can I pay for my ticket over the phone or online?
Yes, you can call 361-325-5039 or visit: www.ci.falfurrias.tx.us
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