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CIP Projects


What is the CIP?

The Capital Improvements Program (CIP) is the long-range plan for all individual capital improvement projects and funding sources. CIP Projects are construction projects that provide improvements or additions such as land, buildings, and infrastructure. 

Why is the CIP Important?

The City of Falfurrias CIP is designed to enhance and maintain the overall quality of life. These planned capital improvement projects improve our infrastructure including the streets we drive on, water we drink, facilities we use, and parks that our kids to play.
The CIP is a multiple year forecast of the capital needs of the City. A capital need includes various project types such as:
  • City Facilities
  • Equipment Needs
  • Software and Hardware
  • Drainage and flood control facilities
  • Downtown Improvements
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Street Improvements
  • Utilities undergrounding
  • Water and sewer facilities and pipelines
Below you will find information on the CIP budget, a timetable for the current CIP and status information on the status on the funding source(s):  

CIP - Is it a simple process?

No. Developing the CIP portfolio is complex in nature due to the needs, costs, various funding sources, project types and delivery methods. There are many competing priorities. Implementation of CIP is based on the City's adopted General Budget and applicable community plans such as the City’s Comprehensive Plan. 

Is every project a CIP?

Every project is not a CIP. The CIP descriptions clearly establish that a project is capital in nature. What makes it capital in nature is the construction, purchase, or major renovation of buildings, utility systems, and other facilities; in addition to land acquisition and roadway projects. All capital projects are clearly represented by a City department and categorized by project type and improvement type. Project types provide a categorized breakdown of the type of facility being constructed or improved.
Improvement types may be identified as providing betterment, expansion, or replacement of an existing City asset or the project may result in a new asset to the City. For example: replacement of a pipeline, street expansion, or construction of a new park.

How are projects selected and prioritized?

A list of recommendations for capital improvements is developed based on a needs assessment performed by City staff. City staff then provide the list to the City Administrator prior to the beginning of the budget year, which starts January 1. During this process, the City Council reviews potential projects and decides which projects are desirable and needed. The list includes those projects that the City Council deems are necessary or desirable to be constructed during the next 5 years and is arranged in order of preference, with recommendations as to which projects shall be constructed in which year.
At times, projects that are identified may be listed in the CIP with no funding source. This allows City staff to properly plan for future funding sources. 
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