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City of Falfurrias Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Cover Page January 1, 2015

This budget will raise less revenue from property taxes than last year’s budget by an amount of $10,056, which is a 2.56 percent increase from last year’s budget. The property tax revenue to be raised from new property added to the tax roll this year is $2,907.
The members of the governing body voted on the budget as follows:
FOR: Mayor – Lamar D. Martinez Sr.
Mayor Pro-Tem – Letty Garza
Alderman – Manuel Perez Jr.
Alderman – Roberto J. “Bobby” Villarreal Alderman – David Longoria
Alderwoman – Mae Saenz
PRESENT and not voting: None

Property Tax Rate Comparison

  2015 2014
Property Tax Rate: $ 0.500000/100 $ 0.500000/100
Effective Tax Rate: $ 0.488930/100 $ 0.505763/100
Effective Maintenance & Operations Tax Rate: $ 0.488930/100 $ 0.505763/100
Rollback Tax Rate: $ 0.528044/100 $ 0.546224/100
Debt Rate: $0.000000/100



Total debt obligation for City of Falfurrias secured by property taxes: $0.



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