"The Land of Heart's Delight"

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Prepared For:
City of Falfurrias
Prepared By:
Catalyst Commercial, Inc., Dallas, Texas
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Market Demand Analysis

Catalyst reviewed demand by distance and aggregated demand based upon unmet demand in bands of distance from the Study Area. The closer the population the greater the likelyhood to capture the demand. The following tables show demand broken down by distance. Each band is mutually exclusive.
For instance the 3 - 5 mile band only is taking into account demand and supply within that band and does not include the demand and supply within the 0 - 3 mile band.
Based upon the type of use, competition, amount of demand, and what would be reasonable to expect Falfurrias to be able to service. Currently, Catalyst estimates that the City of Falfurrias has the potential to capture approximately 20,488 square feet of demand from the local population. In addition, Falfurrias can likely capture regional demand, due to the fact that Falfurrias is a regional hub and there are few cities between Corpus Christi and Harlingen that have the strength of retail that Falfurrias contains. The total estimated regional demand is approximately 47,000 square feet.


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