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Falfurrias Utility Board Falfurrias, Texas


Water and Wastewater Rate Study and Long-Term Financial Plan

Presented October 10, 2013
Capex Consulting Group

Water and Wastewater Rate Study Objectives

Review operating history, debt obligations, and prepare forecasts
  • Review billing system data and identify issues
  • Evaluate impact of existing debt restructuring and planned TWDB debt issuances
  • Benchmark revenue sources and capital and operating expenditures
Evaluate current rate structure
  • Does each customer class contribute an equitable share of revenue based on demand?
  • Are revenues generated at appropriate levels of consumption for each customer class
  • Do rates generate revenue sufficient to pay current and forecast operating and capital costs?
Develop and assist with implementation of an improved rate structure
  • Eliminate cross customer-class subsidies
  • Reduce revenue declines related to weather events
  • Compare current & recommended rates to relevant peer group 
  • Provide multi-year rate restructuring option 
  • Generate revenue sufficient to fund operating and capital costs in a variety of consumption scenarios   

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