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Ed Rachal Memorial Golf Course History
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Ed Rachal Memorial Golf Course Fees

Effective date for new fees July 1, 2012

(Closed on mondays for course maintenance)
Green fees
  • Daily, weekend and holidays $12
  • Twilight fee begins at 3:00 p.M. $6
  • Monthly fee-person
  • Summer: april 1st-Sept. 30Th $70
  • Winter:   oct. 1St-mar. 31St $80
  • Yearly fee-person $600
  • Yearly fee-family, Husband & wife, up to 3 children under 18 yrs. of age $700
  • Students fee up to high school $4/9holes
Trail fees
  • Monthly fee for any privately owned golf cart not stored in golf course sheds. This fee covers two family members $60
  • One owner of privately owned cart    $40
  • Monthly trail fee for one person who rides on a privately owned cart not his own $40
  • Daily trail fee for riding or using any privately owned golf cart/per person $4/9 holes
  • $8/18Hole
Cart rentals
  • One person or two/9 holes $12
  • One person or two/18 holes $22
Cart storage includes trail fee for 2 members of a family
  • Monthly fee/gas powered $60
  • Electric powered $ 65
  • Yearly fee/gas powered $660
  • Electric powered $715
Golf course will not be held responsible for damages to carts due to vandalism, fire or theft.