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This is Falfurrias, Texas

Falfurrias is the county seat of Brooks County, Texas, United States. The town is named for founder Edward Cunningham Lasater's ranch, La Mota de Falfurrias. In 1893, the Falfurrias ranch was one of the largest in Texas at some 350,000 acres.

The city is centered around the intersection of U.S. Highway 281 and State Highway 285 and is approximately 81 miles southwest of Corpus Christi, 90 miles southeast of Laredo, and 36 miles south of Alice. Population was 6,200 as of 2010.

Welcome to our city 

We welcome entrepreneurs who may be considering our visionary community as a location for their investment.

Whether it is city taxes or fines, our easy to use on-line payment site will save you time and energy.

Thank you again and from all of us at The City of Falfurrias, Texas, a BIG thank you.

Leakage Analysis


Prepared For:
City of Falfurrias
Prepared By:
Catalyst Commercial, Inc., Dallas, Texas
3 . 5 . 1 0

Market Demand Analysis

Catalyst reviewed demand by distance and aggregated demand based upon unmet demand in bands of distance from the Study Area. The closer the population the greater the likelyhood to capture the demand. The following tables show demand broken down by distance. Each band is mutually exclusive.
For instance the 3 - 5 mile band only is taking into account demand and supply within that band and does not include the demand and supply within the 0 - 3 mile band.
Based upon the type of use, competition, amount of demand, and what would be reasonable to expect Falfurrias to be able to service. Currently, Catalyst estimates that the City of Falfurrias has the potential to capture approximately 20,488 square feet of demand from the local population. In addition, Falfurrias can likely capture regional demand, due to the fact that Falfurrias is a regional hub and there are few cities between Corpus Christi and Harlingen that have the strength of retail that Falfurrias contains. The total estimated regional demand is approximately 47,000 square feet.


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Falfurrias Utility Board Falfurrias, Texas


Water and Wastewater Rate Study and Long-Term Financial Plan

Presented October 10, 2013
Capex Consulting Group

Water and Wastewater Rate Study Objectives

Review operating history, debt obligations, and prepare forecasts
  • Review billing system data and identify issues
  • Evaluate impact of existing debt restructuring and planned TWDB debt issuances
  • Benchmark revenue sources and capital and operating expenditures
Evaluate current rate structure
  • Does each customer class contribute an equitable share of revenue based on demand?
  • Are revenues generated at appropriate levels of consumption for each customer class
  • Do rates generate revenue sufficient to pay current and forecast operating and capital costs?
Develop and assist with implementation of an improved rate structure
  • Eliminate cross customer-class subsidies
  • Reduce revenue declines related to weather events
  • Compare current & recommended rates to relevant peer group 
  • Provide multi-year rate restructuring option 
  • Generate revenue sufficient to fund operating and capital costs in a variety of consumption scenarios   

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Presentation to Board of Aldermen/City Council Comprehensive Classification/ Compensation Study for The City of Falfurrias, Texas

March 19, 2014


Ray Associates’ Experience

  • Distinguished management consulting leader since 1977.
  • Specialize in work for public entities.
  • Noted for custom products and for personal attention.
  • Active involvement of the principals in the firm.
  • History of success: More than 80% of our engagements are with repeat clients.
  • Approach is practical and directed toward implementation.
  • Recognize the City’s challenge to provide competitive compensation while working within a budget that respects the taxpayers.


A Public Awareness Campaign

Life, Well Run is ICMA’s campaign to raise awareness of the role professional local government managers play in building communities we're proud to call home.

These managers play a pivotal role in making local government and the services it provides more effective, efficient, ethical, and transparent.

Yet, perhaps because managers are so good at what they do and shun the limelight, some elected officials may not fully appreciate their professionalism, and many in the public are unaware the job even exists.


These factors, combined with demographics -- the baby boomer managers who were inspired to public service by President John F. Kennedy have begun to retire -- have formed the perfect storm for professional management.

We must act now to ensure the future of the profession, to make sure there are qualified professionals to serve the residents of this country’s cities, towns, and counties.


ICMA has launched the campaign with advertising in 10 states. These ads are directed to elected officials, business and civic leaders, and students, and will drive them to the Life, Well Run website where they can see our messages and access resources promoting the value of professional local government management. 


We have developed a panoply of resources for state associations and members and information about the campaign, as well as resources that share our messages with elected officials and business leaders. This summer, we also will release resources for teachers to use with high school and college students.

In addition to advertising and developing campaign resources, we have made improvements to the Life, Well Run website, where we share resources and information about the campaign, and where we showcase community success stories from professional local government managers.  Visit the new map to read the stories, and remember to share your stories with us at yourstory@lifewellrun.org


  • Boilerplate Language: This basic description of Life, Well Run can be included in any written materials.

  • Elevator Speech: This one- to two-minute overview of Life, Well Run can be customized, so you can explain the campaign to elected officials, business and civic leaders, students, and residents.

  • Talking Points: Add these talking points, along with your own personal experiences and anecdotes, when you prepare remarks for formal meetings or speaking engagements.


  • Social Media: These sample messages and tips can be a starting point to encourage a conversation on Facebook and Twitter among people in your city, town, or county.

  • Blog Post: You can post this to your website, or share it with other organizations to post on their websites, to spread the word about how to get involved in Life, Well Run.

  • Op-Ed: Identify a local retired elected official who is supportive of professional local government management, help him or her customize the op-ed, and submit it to a local newspaper.

  • Radio Spot: Use this 30-second radio spot as a PSA on your local stations.

  • Videos: These videos provide a general overview of professional local government management. You can customize some of them by adding interviews with elected officials or business and civic leaders from your state. To obtain the templates, contact Catherine Smith, campaign manager, at 202-962-3632 orcsmith@icma.org.

  • Sample Print Ads: You can run these ads in your local publications. To obtain the templates, contact Catherine Smith.

  • Sample Digital Ads: These banner and tower ads can be placed on the websites of your local newspapers and magazines, television stations, or other websites that accept advertising. For the templates, contact Catherine Smith.

Materials for Target Audiences

These brochures are each geared for a different target audience of the campaign. They are designed as handouts and should be distributed along with the companion piece, “About Professional Local Government Management,” which you can also download below.

Please contact Catherine Smith, campaign manager, at 202-962-3632 or csmith@icma.org with any questions on the use of these materials.


Local News

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